Burning River Barley’s Angels First Meeting!


It’s our first quarterly tasting! 

Price is 25$ per person and that includes food/beer pairings, gratuity and the presenter.

Course 1. Pierogie w/cabbage slaw paired with North Coast Scrimsaw Pilsner.

Course 2. Apple Hazelnut Stuffed Chicken Breast w/Asparagus and Creamy Polenta. 
Beer TBA

Course 3.
Banana Creme Brûlée w/Brooklyn Black Ops.

I need a head count by 1/7/13 so I can get back to them with a total. 

Come out and be a part of this great organization and enjoy some good food and craft beers!!!

check out the group web page @ barleysangels.org

and look for updates and news on our next pairings/tastings on our facebook page!
Just look up Burning River Barleys Angels and “like” the page!

Hope to see you all there! 

Ps. If any of you want T-Shirts you can buy them from the barleysangels.org website. I got one for Christmas and it’s pretty cool!


some updates…

First off…the first meet up…
I have heard back from ABC and they are willing to host our first meeting! I gave them a price of 20-25$ per person that would include our beer tastings and snacks, with tip included. Of course you are all welcome to order outside of the pairing menu as well. I will post the menu when they get it and get some flyers and reminders posted!


The Cleveland Brew Shop has offered a Saturday brew class in February, something like from 2-5 pm, provided there’s a good group of us that want to do it. I would need an idea of how many of you would be up for this so I can let them know. 

You can just reply to this post or email me @ burningriverbarleysangels@gmail.com.


Our first meeting….

Hello beer loving ladies!

As the City of Cleveland has a long history of beer appreciation as we all know. We have access to some amazing local breweries…Great Lakes Brewery and Market Garden Brewery to name a few.

With the opening of a home brew supply store on W. 14th in Tremont, it gives a chance to learn about the process and even brew our own beer!

They offer classes also….you can check them out here:https://www.facebook.com/ClevelandBrewShop?ref=stream

Let’s have our first meeting at Market Garden Brewery on 1/12/13.

I will get everything set up with management to provide tastings with food pairings.

It will be appetizer centered, so let’s factor between 10-15$ per person at the minimum.

Once I have a menu in place, I’ll know more and can give an exact amount.

As always…please enjoy your evening responsibly.

If you need to bring a designated driver, feel free.

This person must be female however….this is an all female group of beer lovers!

I’ve posted the rules and regs as well in case there is any confusion.

I look forward to our first meeting, and I will see you all in January!