Burning River Barley’s Angels First Meeting!


It’s our first quarterly tasting! 

Price is 25$ per person and that includes food/beer pairings, gratuity and the presenter.

Course 1. Pierogie w/cabbage slaw paired with North Coast Scrimsaw Pilsner.

Course 2. Apple Hazelnut Stuffed Chicken Breast w/Asparagus and Creamy Polenta. 
Beer TBA

Course 3.
Banana Creme Brûlée w/Brooklyn Black Ops.

I need a head count by 1/7/13 so I can get back to them with a total. 

Come out and be a part of this great organization and enjoy some good food and craft beers!!!

check out the group web page @ barleysangels.org

and look for updates and news on our next pairings/tastings on our facebook page!
Just look up Burning River Barleys Angels and “like” the page!

Hope to see you all there! 

Ps. If any of you want T-Shirts you can buy them from the barleysangels.org website. I got one for Christmas and it’s pretty cool!


2 thoughts on “Burning River Barley’s Angels First Meeting!

  1. How do we sign up … through your blog or a call in to ABC Tavern. It doesn’t say anywhere how to get the tickets.

    • Hi Bobbie,

      You just need to email me if you would like to go, by Jan 7. I will give Abc the final count then and they will prepare the dinner based on that count.

      You can go to the Facebook page & click on the event, then on attending if you want, or email me. The fb page is under burning river barleys angels & the email address is burningriverbarleysangels@gmail.com


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