Holiday Quarterly Meeting.

Hello Ladies! Sorry it’s been so long, but I am working on our last meeting of this year. I am working with Market Garden again and am planning on December 14th. We don’t have a menu put together yet, but I will post it as soon as I hear back from Leslie at Market Garden 

Since it’s nearing Christmas, I am hoping to center it around their holiday ale Festivus, and more holiday themed foods to pair with them. 

This time we will be going back to a weekend day so that more of you can attend. And, maybe pick up a growler to take with you tailgating the next morning for the Browns home game! 

Let me know if this date will work for you, and I will post the menu and prices as soon as I get them.



2 thoughts on “Holiday Quarterly Meeting.

  1. Hi I would like to attend your meeting on December 14, 2013 but I do have one question and I don’t want to sound rude in all of the photos I have seen of some of the ladies in your organization do you have African American members because I would not want to come to an event and feel uncomfortable please forgive me if I offended anyone thank you.

    • Hi Shirley! You haven’t offended anyone at all. Our group doesn’t actually have members yet, any and everyone can buy a ticket to the event. We won’t start having members until next year. I never know who will show up until the actual event. While it’s true, the last two events no African American ladies have attended, it’s certainly not because they aren’t welcome. I want women of all colors, ages, etc. to learn about craft beer and learn to appreciate it. We still have one seat available for this event. I hope you will come! I will post the price and what the menu is on our Facebook page as soon as I get it from Market Garden. I will post a link to pre-pay for tickets as soon as I have a price, so that the restaurant has an accurate number of people for the event. Please let me know if you have questions, you can also email me at
      Cheers, Heather

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