Update on 12/14 with menu and price!

Alright ladies! I spoke with Market Garden today. The price will be 36$ per person, this will also include tax and gratuity. The pairing will include a pre-selected beer sampler, appetizer, salad and main course of your own choosing (from a pre-selected list). I am having issues with posting a PayPal link here that will take you directly to my PayPal account, so it will be easier if everyone just goes to PayPal directly and makes a payment there.

The email to make your payment to is heatherrramsey@yahoo.com

The price again is 36$. I am paying Market Garden in advance, so I will need payment no later than 12/10. After that date, I will not be accepting payments any longer, and will not be accepting payments at the door. This is a very large party and I want to make sure they have time to adequately prepare for us.

We have a total of 22 seats. I will keep you updated as to how many seats were sold so that you all know how quickly you need to make your reservations.

Can’t wait to see all of you again!


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