Attention Home Brewers!

I received the following email from someone interested in casting home brewers in Ohio for a possible documentary! 

Hi Heather,


Hope this email finds you well. 


My name is Francis Poon, and I’m a producer with part2 pictures, a TV/ film documentary production company here in NYC. We are currently developing a television series that aims to take a fun and immersive look into the competitive world of amateur beer brewing. 


I’d love to connect and talk about the homebrewing community in Ohio. I’m especially interested in brewing teams, clubs and stores. At this stage of development, we are really trying to identify strong, fun, dynamic and diverse brewers and brew clubs to feature on the show to illustrate the wealth of the homebrew experience.


I would also very much appreciate if you could potentially pass along our casting notice either via a blog post/ word of mouth/ mailing list if possible. The document is attached, and I would also be happy to discuss any and all questions you might have.


To tell you a little more about our company, part2 pictures has produced a variety of high quality documentary programming for Discovery, OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network, National Geographic, PBS, The History Channel and other major broadcasters. Our programming puts an emphasis on the individual; their take on a unique world and how they operate within it. Our ultimate goal is to create a quality program that will show the passion, competition, camaraderie and fun within this unique world.


Thank you so much for considering this request, and I hope to hear from you soon!





Here is a copy of the Casting letter, get in touch with him if you are interested in being a part of this!


Are you insanely passionate about making beer? Are you an amateur brewer who competes?
Are you part of a group of friends, social club, or family who brew together? Do you devote
every waking second (or all of your free time) to making beer?

A major cable network and Part2 Pictures, an award-winning documentary film and television
company based in New York City have teamed up to develop a quality TV show about the fun,
competitive world of amateur beer brewing.

We are currently casting people who represent the wide-range of folks making beer – especially
those of you who are very active members of a brew club or beer brewing group. We’d love to
speak with you to learn more about the where’s, how’s and why’s of brewing beer.
• Amateur brewers who participate in competitions (or will be entering their first
• Members of a social brewers club who brew together
• Colleagues or friends who are part of a brew team
• Siblings or a whole family of brewers
• We will also consider individual brewers not part of a cohesive group
• Brewers with a “friendly rivalry” – or who have someone they’ve been dying to outbrew
• We are open to people who have been doing this for many years or just starting out, or
amateurs who have the dream of going pro
• We are interested in people who just LOVE beer
• Big personalities and huge passion for making beer a must!
If you fit the description or know someone who does, please email: with the following info:
• name, email and phone number
• a recent photo of yourself and your “brewmates”
• where you live
• why you love making beer
• how long you’ve been brewing beer
• describe your group (or indicate if you brew and compete on your own)
• your local brew club (if applicable)
• details of the competition circuit (how many competitions you participate in, when you
will be next competing, etc.)
• describe the type of beer(s) you make and why you think it’s the best!
• why you’d love to participate in a show about beer brewers

About Us:
Part2 Pictures is a reputable television company that has produced a variety of high-quality
documentary programming for OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network, National Geographic, the
Discovery Channel, PBS, The History Channel and other major broadcasters. We are
committed to telling great stories about people, their take on a world and how they operate
within it.

Thank you!


A great opportunity!

I received a few emails this week that sound intriguing! One was for some of our home brewing ladies to be interviewed for a documentary film!

And I just received this email yesterday. Sounds like a great trip for any of you that may be interested!

Hi Heather,

My name is Tom Conrad — I’m writing you because I am passionate about good beer, good brewing and good food. I’m excited to be rolling out a Craft Beer and Brewery Tour this fall, which includes a special focus on women in brewing in Germany. It’s the only tour of its kind.
We’ll be getting the word out to a broader audience soon, but we’re making a special effort to reach out early on to you and other women in the craft beer and brewing community. The beer-women paradigm is shifting and this issue is here to stay. The fall tour offers a rare chance to meet inspiring women brewers in Germany and celebrate their work, so we’re convinced beer-minded women in the U.S. will want to hear about it.
This is a one-of-a-kind travel opportunity for women connoisseurs, craft beer enthusiasts and activists, brewers, somms, servers and other women in the beer and brewing community. It will be important to to have a good mix of women beer lovers in the group, so we hope women will respond with the kind of enthusiasm this new initiative deserves. 
I would like to invite you to join us on the Beer Trail this fall. Combine your passion for craft beer and brewing with an exciting travel adventure you won’t forget! Visit us at Treasures of Europe Tours. Read about the trip in detail and reserve a spot soon. Get in touch if you have questions or need more information. We would love to hear from you.
I would also like to ask you to help spread the word. Alert your fellow craft beer lovers, local tasting group, craft breweries in the area, home brewers, people in the food and restaurant scene, Slow Food enthusiasts, activists and others. If you blog about beer or food, or if you write for other media, please alert your readers to this opportunity.
Share the Love…
  • Feel free to use the news release and photos below.
  • Include an alert and photo on your blog, company or group website, in your next mailing, and on your calendar.
  • Contact us for an interview about the trip, the destinations and the people we’ll be meeting.
  • Ask us for a squib you can put out at your bar, brewpub, restaurant or shop.
  • Tell us what you think and share your suggestions! Pass along your ideas for getting the word out to women in the craft beer community.
  • Like us on Facebook Treasures-of-Europe-Tours. Check us out on Twitter TreasEurTours, and re-pin our awesome photos on Pinterest treasofeurope. 
If you can join us this fall, that would be great — it’s going to be an exciting, unforgettable trip! If you can spread the word to the wider community, that would be a terrific help. Thanks so much — we hope to hear from you. 
Tom Conrad
Treasures of Europe Tours

June 7th Event!

We will be taking a tour on the Cleveland Brew Bus!

We will begin the tour at 11:30 at Indigo Imp.

From there we will go to Market Garden/Nano Brew and have lunch.

We will finish our bus tour at The Bottle House in Cleveland Heights.

Prices for members are 50$ and non members are 55$.


See our website or check us out on facebook for payment and full details!


Hope to see you all there!