Barley’s Angels Rules and Regulations

Please be sure to play by the rules, or we will have to rescind permission to use the Barley’s Angels name for your club, and your listing within also will be removed.

1. Barley’s Angels is an educational beer club; not a drinking club (although fun is definitely encouraged!). There must be some sort of educational element to each meeting, be it food pairings or exploring different examples of a specific beer style. Each meeting is required to state in the promotional materials what the educational element will be. The organizer(s) are then required to provide and present that information and the materials required for the meeting, either themselves or by inviting experts to present the information.

2. All Barley’s Angels members and/or chapter meeting attendees must be of legal drinking age in your area.

3. All Barley’s Angels members are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner and drink responsibly. Barley’s Angels is not responsible for any legal issues that take place because of overconsumption or illegal drinking at any chapter meeting.

4. Barley’s Angels meetings should be open to all female members of the public that can prove they are of legal drinking age. It is recommended you collect contact information from your attendees, such as e-mail addresses, so you can remind your attendees when the next meeting is coming up.

5. Please always use the Barley’s Angels logo when using the name. This includes using the logo on websites, announcement posters, newsletters, meeting menus, etc. Download the logo from the website. The logo, which can be used in either black and white or color, must not be altered, other than the size. It can be used in conjunction with your business logo and/or the host establishment’s logo.

6. To qualify as a Barley’s Angels chapter and use the Barley’s Angels name, the meetings must be regularly scheduled and ongoing. To be a Barley’s Angels chapter, a minimum of four meetings must be held annually (monthly, bi-monthly or other more regular meeting frequencies are encouraged, of course!) One-time or random, periodic events cannot use the Barley’s Angel’s name.

7. A nominal fee of some kind must be charged of the attendees/members at each meeting. Meetings cannot be free to attendees/members. You may charge enough to cover your costs, or make a profit, or even choose to hold meetings at a loss, but at least a nominal fee must be charged. This encourages members to take their meetings seriously and responsibly. Some chapters contribute profits to Pink Boots Society’sscholarship fund. It’s all up to you.

8. Even if the focus of the meeting is not centered on food, each meeting must provide food that pairs well with the beers being presented, to help attendees pace their beer consumption. The food should be either prepared at the meeting site or catered and should be ample enough to accommodate all attendees throughout the course of the meeting. Food-and-beer pairings are encouraged as a way to persuade women to embrace and explore how good beer enhances the pleasures of food. Beer serving sizes should be small, and the pace of beer service should not exceed 16 ounces per person per hour. Chapter organizers and/or the establishment’s representatives are responsible for refusing to further serve visibly intoxicated people.

9. You must serve at least one sample of another brewery’s beers at 50 percent of your meetings — if allowed by law. More variety is encouraged. This rule applies to breweries of every size, or contract beer producers, or if your pub/restaurant is owned by or associated with a brewery. Not every meeting can be all about your own beer. This requirement makes sure that members are actually presented with a viable education about beer and not a class designed to market a specific beer or brewery. Without this rule, the objective of education about beers and beer styles could quickly fall away.

10. Chapter and meeting organizers are encouraged to keep a record of what is served, both beer and food. Not only is this handy to have as a historical record of what you’ve done in the past, and what worked, but you may need it to prove a point to us. If a complaint is made that you served beer without food, or you never served any of your competitors’ beers, we have the right to solicit a copy of your chapter’s meeting records, and you will need to prove that you followed the rules. If you can’t prove it to us, we have the right to revoke your chapter’s registration.

11. No Men Allowed, except as information presenters or servers. Barley’s Angels is a women’s educational beer group. Men can attend to present information, but they cannot be members of your chapter nor attend your meetings as participants.

12. If any part of these rules seems discouraging, daunting, or confusing, please let us know so we can clarify them for you, and rewrite them so we don’t confuse anyone else. Thanks! Send an e-mail with your fuzzy thoughts to christine[at]



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